Library History

Read how this library was established and how it has evolved to become such an important part of our community.

The Holstein Public Library was founded in 1948 as one of the projects of the Holstein Woman's Club and the Nacirema Club. 

The first location was in a room in the old Fire Station.  A year later the Library was moved into a room furnished by the Holstein State Bank.  The Library remained in the bank until 1961 when the city council remodeled a room in the Turner Hall for the Library.

In 1950 the City Council agreed to a small tax levy and the Library officially became the Holstein public Library.  The appointment of a Board of Trustees was made and approved by Mayor William Wienert.  members were Mrs. Geraldine Dierks, Mrs. Anna Kahl, Mrs. Myrna Knuth, Mrs. marian Fahon and Mrs. Ethel Stubbs.

Mrs. stubbs was appointed Librarian at that time and she served until 1972.  Mrs. Irena Fossell assisted for many years, resigning in 1974, when Mrs. Nancy Michaelsen was appointed.

In 1974 it was becoming apparent that the Turner Hall location was not adequate to the handle the increasing services offered by the Holstein Public Library..  A drive fro private funds was initiated by the Board, and our hopes brightened when we received a memorial gift from Ethel Stubbs for her husband, Dr. R.L. Stubbs, long-time area veterinarian.  Substantial sums were received from Mable Sherman, of a prominent area family, and from the Albert Lage Estate.  Many local businesses and literally hundreds of individuals added thier contrubutions to make the stubbs Memorial Library a reality.  With the exception of the lot, only private funds were used. 


The Crest

The crest on the front of the Library was designed by Tom Boughn and represents the province of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.  The first settlers of Holstein came from that area.


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