Cake Pans

Cake pan collection available.

Cake pans my be borrowed from the library at no fee.  Pans may be reserved by simply calling the library 712-368-4563 or coming to the library.


Stars (2) Egg ( 2 pieces) Raggedy Ann Happy Birthday
Pentagon Rabbitt (2 pieces) Esmeralda
Superman G.I. Joe Wonder Woman
Van Raggedy Ann  Woody Woodpecker
Lamb (2 pieces) Lamb (flat) Holly Hobbie
Donald Duck head (2) Rocket Book (2 pieces)
Guitar Diamond/ Spade Cabbage Patch Kid
Rounds (4) Bugs Bunny Snowman
Rocking Horse Baseball (2 pieces) Teddy Bear (stand up)
Barbie (2) Strawberry Shortcake (2) Doll Skirt
Teddy Bear (flat) Hearts (3) Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles

Big Bird

Winnie the Pooh -flat

Winnie the Pooh - stand up

Cross Barney
Power Ranger

Dora the Explorer


Mickey Mouse (2)
Santa head Rabbit Dinosaur (T-Rex)